Planning Aid

We can provide planning aids in various formats in order to optimise your planning of our luminaires in your projects. These files are available on every product page by clicking on the article number under the tab “Planning aids”.

Should you ever discover any faults in our planning aids, please contact us

Photometric data

Photometric data on the light distribution of our luminaires are available in IES and EULUMDAT formats. Here you can download not only individual planning files but also packs for our complete delivery range.

IES Photometric


DIALux, the light planning software for the professional planning, calculation and visualisation of light, is available free of charge from the website of the German Institute for Applied Lighting Technology (DIAL). On our website you will find the data of our luminaires for use in your DIALux projects.

On our product pages you will find DIALux files for downloading as .uld files. Using the transfer link you can apply the data directly in the currently opened project.Planning data for the entire BEGA delivery range can also be accessed directly in DIALux by installing our plug-in. Once the DIALux plug-in has been installed, the data can be updated from within the plug-in window by using the integrated update mechanism.

Dialux Evo 7.1