The solutions to meet tomorrow’s mobility needs are more than steel beams and concrete slabs. They are demanding multifaceted projects requiring a lot of sensitivity and accurate planning. It’s important to care about the details. Like the durability and maintenance of items with a certain life span, or the certainty of meeting all the legal requirements in one of the most regulated business sectors.

So when it comes to street lighting, choose LED components from a partner with decades of experience and the power to help you accomplish your project. AVADA’S portfolio of robust yet easy to apply LEDs offers a spectrum of infinite possibilities. Different lighting conditions, high concentrations of pollutants, dust and extreme humidity create an atmosphere that require tough and durable lighting systems. It’s the perfect environment for modern LED applications.


For Type II & Type III Category Roads or Streets

Pole-Top Luminaire

For Streets & Parking lots


People want to create a pleasant atmosphere around their property – something that will catch visitors’ attention, make them feel good and want to come back again. They would like to be able to create an appealing ambience with optimized-quality lighting at minimum cost. Combining reliable low-power LEDs and an integrated driver, the robustly designed LED Bollard II delivers an affordable LED lighting solution to meet your landscaping needs.

Bollards Reflect Series

Made up of aluminum

Bollards Steel Series

Made up of Steel